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Welcome to Mage Defender: Remake.

This is a new version of Mage Defender for PC and XBox 360, and is made for a small presentation by using Microsoft XNA and C#.

The original game was a DOS game made by Dark Codex in 1999 and looked like this:

The new version contains more enmies, spells, upgradable castle, skillpoints, atributes, homing spells, controllable spells, many enemies with basic AI and much more.
The game works with the XBox360 controller and the keyboard.

If you are missing a refernece( SkinnedModelPipline ) follow these steps in order to fix this issue:
1 - Download the missing file by clicking here
2 - Add the SkinnedModelPipeline.dll file to the Referenced under Content in the Mage Defender project:

3 - Compile and run!

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